Embossed Candle Labels and Stickers

Make an impression with label embossing.
Embossing can add sophistication and a high quality feel to your products.
Label embossing uses custom made dies created to raise the paper according to a design. 
The die is a two-piece set of customised metal plates made according to the image or text to be embossed. One piece of the die has the design raised surface and the other the same design recessed into it. To create the design on paper, the paper is pressed between them. The pressure reshapes the paper fibers.
Along with candles, embossing is a great finish to add to other products including body care, cosmetics, and premium food and drink products.
This is the use of the embossing process but without the use of any other kind of print finishing embellishment like foiling or even no printing. 
One way to make blind embossing stand out more, is to use textured paper. Since the  area being embossed will be pressed smooth, it creates more of a contrast. Sometimes less is more.

You can combine embossing with hot foil stamping and printing, but talk to us first as their are technical things to consider.
You can can emboss on our regular paper, waterproof, KRAFT paper and some of our new luxury finish labels.
The paper labels after printing can be left uncoated or have a  matt or gloss laminate applied to create a specific finish and protect the print surface. Our synthetic stock has a neutral finish and is water proof. This is our most popular material for our low quantity candle labels.
The embossed candle stickers are supplied as individual labels. They can be square, rectangle , circle or oval shapes.
Below is just some pricing indications. For the best price, and for all other size and quantity combinations, please email me for a quotation. 
All prices include GST when applicable, and when an order is placed, free artwork preparation and delivery. 
Please see below for some sample pricing for an embossed label 50mm x 50mm square or round.